Foxfield Miniature Railway

The Railway

Foxfield miniature railway is a  7 1/4" gauge ground level railway. Work started in 2007 with almost all the work done by the junior Volunteers ranging form 10 to 18 from the FLRS site. The Railway was funded by a grant from Staffordshire county council who kindly donated us £5500 to start the railway. The first trains moved around the railway early 2009 but passenger carrying didn"t begin until 2010 when trains ran almost all weekends. Currently the railway is approximatly 950 yards long. The railway has three stations, the first is based by the entrance to the FLRS site and is the main terminus of the site holding the ticket office loco shed and sidings. Then the railway turns sharply and steeply round to the right up a gradient of around 1 in 25. It then levels out on the main straight along  the back of the site following the fence line to the FLRS overflow carpark. At the end of the main straight there is a run round loop which acts as a passing loop to our new extension and acts as a balloon loop bringing the trains back to the main line.